Welcome to my Website and Happy New Year to you!
I can still say that as I don’t consider the year to have started until i’ve had my birthday. Technically the year starts after my mums which is in the middle of January… anyway lets not get bogged down here.
So lots to report on: Firstly Edinburgh 2014 was great fun, especially performing on the free fringe for the first time. A packed out room for the run was a bonus and even more so that they were well up for a laugh. They can come back any time!
Also gigging away in Finland, Denmark and Norway was a real highlight. There’s a great comedy scene out there and I look forward to getting back across the year. All dates are in the diary LIVE . Could be a great away day. If you don’t fancy travelling that far i will be performing up and down the country including a new show in Leicester and Brighton at the comedy festivals. Again dates are in the diary.
Fingers crossed to seeing you at a gig soon.



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