Plans for 2019

Welcome back to my webiste, or all newcomers, hi!

2019 is already off and running. I have been back hosting the Gfinity Fifa Global Series qualifiers for Jan and February, hosting on matchdays at Saints FC, recording ‘Ice The Kicker’ podcast and have been gigging up and down the country.

The world of Esports hosting has been incredible. Still to come will be Fifa March and April qualifiers in London and the return of F1 Esports starting in July.

Big news comedy wise – I will be attending the 2019 New Zealand comedy festival with my new show called ‘Rapture’ If you live close come along, if not, don’t make the treck as i’m planning to perform it in England on return. I shall keep my twitter and instagram updated with any such gigs.

Thats enough updates for now. Keep in touch with me via twitter or Instagram

Tom x